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First Row (Children): Aldeth Weisel (Blythe), Ruth Weir (Eisenhard), Harold Weir, Leon Weir, Vernon Freas, Guilford Freas, Edith Freas (Middleton), Gladys Weir (Westerman) Second Row: Robert Weisel, Florence Weir (Arnold), Anne Weir (Weisel, James Brady Weir, Emma Jane Dannehower (Weir), Rachel McNair (Weir) holding Neda Weir, Zella Kittinger (Weir) Last Row:Jesse Freas (behind James & Emma), Effie Weir (Freas) holding Russell Freas, Philip Weir, Robert Weir holding Margaret Weir (Braun)

The descendants of James Brady Weir and Emma Hurst Dannehower

gather the first Sunday in August not far from the original Weir homestead in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for a Weir Reunion.

James Brady Weir’s great grandfather was Samuel Weir,

probably a son of John Weir.

The Weirs arrived in Pennsylvania in 1734 from Ulster with the Barclays, Finleys, Kelsos, Walkers, Wallaces, Barnhills, Griers & Darrochs and settled in the upper part of Warrington, Warwick & New Britain Townships.

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  1. I include the mother's maiden name as a middle name for most individuals. Know that the middle name is usually my inclusion for identification purposes.

  2. Names in CAPITAL LETTERS immigrated to the US

  3. Names with an * are my direct line. State abbreviations (TX) in a name mean the individual made a move to that state.

  4. Surnames are sometimes in parenthesis "(Wear) Weir". I chose a common spelling but include the spelling found in most documents in (parenthesis).


Home of immigrant Samuel Weir, great grandfather of President Ulysses S. Grant

Home of John & Mary McKinstryWeir

John served in Revolutionary War and provided food to Washington’s troops

camped at Valley Forge