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Clymer Weir Null Basinger
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The Clymers, Weirs, Nulls, and Basingers all lived in Pennsylvania in the 18th Century. The Clymers, Nulls, and Basingers were German-speaking and the Weirs were Scotch-Irish and English-speaking.  My line of Clymers, Weirs, and Nulls remained in Lancaster and Bucks Counties until the 1950's. My husband's family (Basingers) arrived in the 1780's and quickly joined others on the Great Wagon Road south and west into Virginia and Tennessee.
I have collected over 120,000 names and attempt to show how each person connects  with the  Ancestor who immigrated to America. Most of the names are not related directly to me or to my ancestors...but usually connect to the family in some way on this side of the Atlantic.
In most cases I do not use primary sources (birth certificates, court records, family Bibles, etc.) but secondary sources (books, newspapers, internet sites). That means there are errors in my work and I am happy to make corrections.
The best way to comment on the information I present is to leave a Post-em on the individual's name in RootsWeb WorldConnect.

You can send me mail at:
Donna Null Basinger
2610 Legacy Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99516