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Clymer Weir Null Basinger


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Null Family in Lancaster County: Narrative & Photos

     The link below will lead you to my NULL  and KINSEY information  at  RootsWeb. My ancestor George Null b. 1824 may be a descendant of  JOHANN GEORGE NOLL who immigrated to Pennsylvania on the ship Loyal Judith in 1732, but so far that is only a guess.

     My ancestor Christian Kinsey may be a descendant of CHRISTIAN KUNTZI, a "Dunker" preacher who immigrated  to Pennsylvania in 1734.  CHRISTIAN KUNTZI attended a meeting in Germantown called by Count Zinzendorf (leader of Moravian Church) on a visit to the colonies. The meeting was an attempt to unite the various German Christian denominations. Christian Kuntzi represented the German Baptists or "Dunkers".

The maiden name of the mother appears as the middle name of her children. The spelling of surnames has been changed for uniformity. An asterisk* appears by the name of my ancestors.  Individuals whose names appear in UPPER CASE crossed the Atlantic Ocean to immigrate to America.

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